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Sociology: Databases & Journals

A guide to sociology resources at MCCC.

Databases & Scholarly Journals

Sociology Databases

ProQuest Social Science Journals

ProQuest Social Science Journals provides access to a variety of journals in the social sciences field. The database offers over 500 journals with more then 300 available in full-text. Topics include addiction studies, urban studies, family studies and international relations. The ProQuest Social Science Journals are an excellent resource for any area within the social science field. 


JSTOR's Arts and Sciences Collection includes the complete back runs of 119 titles in fifteen disciplines. Established in 1997, it is JSTOR's first collection and includes many of the core research and society published journals in economics, history, political science, and sociology, as well as in other key fields in the humanities and social sciences.

Ethnic NewsWatch

Designed to provide the "other side of the story," this bilingual (English and Spanish) database offers full text database of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press


GenderWatch is a database of unique and diverse publications that focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas. It provides a repository of important historical perspectives on the evolution of the women's movement, men's studies, the transgendered community and the changes in gender roles over the years. Publications include scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books and NGO, government and special reports.

ProQuest Criminal Justice

A comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. The database bridges theory with practice by providing information geared to those interested in careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, drug enforcement, rehabilitation, family law, and industrial security – as well as scholars and other researchers who study the causes, trends, and societal impacts of crime.

Scholarly Journals

American Journal of Sociology

Established in 1895 as the first U.S. scholarly journal in its field, the American Journal of Sociology remains a leading voice for analysis and research in the social sciences. The journal presents work from all areas of sociology, with an emphasis on theory building and innovative methods. The AJS is an excellent resource for the general sociological reader and features sociologically informed contributions from anthropologists, statisticians, economists, educators, historians, and political scientists. Overall, the journal is highly recommended for any topic in the field of sociology and even beyond. 

Sociology of Education

The Sociology of Education journal provides a forum for studies in the sociology of education and human social development. The journal publishes research that examines how social institutions and individuals' experiences within these institutions affect educational processes and social development. Research articles span various levels of analysis, ranging from the individual to the structure of relations among social and educational institutions. In an increasingly complex society, important educational issues arise throughout the life cycle. The journal presents a balance of papers examining all stages and all types of education at the individual, institutional, and organizational levels. 

Social Problems

One of the most respected and widely read professional journals in the social sciences; Social Problems presents accessible, relevant, and innovative articles that maintain critical perspectives of the utmost scholarly integrity. The journal covers a wide range of topics including: social action, crime and juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, health policies, economics, age, sexuality and other social factors. Social Problems brings to the fore influential sociological findings and theories that have the ability to help create a better understand of and better deal with an increasingly complex social environment. 

Social Problems

Founded in 1922 by pioneering sociologist and social activist Howard Odum, Social Forces is recognized as a top journal of social research in the U.S. and internationally. Each issue includes 20-25 peer-reviewed articles and a section of book reviews. The editors, past and present, acknowledge the stimulating and increasingly international nature of today's social science community and how this is reflected in the journal. While the journal highlights sociological inquiry it also explores realms associated with sociology such as social psychology, anthropology, political science, history, and economics. 

American Sociological Review

The American Sociological Review is the flagship journal of the American Sociological Association (ASA). The ASA founded this journal in 1936 with the mission to publish original works of interest to the sociology discipline in general, new theoretical developments, results of research that advance our understanding of fundamental social processes, and important methodological innovations. All areas of sociology are represented in the American Sociological Review making this journal an excellent source for all disciplines within the sociology field.

Search Terms

Useful Search Terms

Some of these terms may help finding articles in the above electronic databases and journals. Please bear in mind that this is only a partial list. Remember also that combing keywords with "and" will narrow the focus of your search while combing terms with "or" will expand it.

Finally, subject headings and keyword terms may differ between databases and journals.

General Search Terms

Popular Culture
Substance abuse
Health policies
Political policies
Specific Search Terms
Social integration
Gender division of labor
Social stratification and inequality

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