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Sociology: Internet Resources

A guide to sociology resources at MCCC.

Sociology Resources on the Internet

Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences

The Online Social Science Dictionary is a free online dictionary of social science terms. The dictionary contains one-thousand entries covering the disciplines of sociology, criminology, political science and women's study. The dictionary is compiled with a commitment to Canadian examples, events and names. Hyperlinked cross-references are provided for nearly every term. Users are able to searching uses phrases -for searching definitions- or single terms. 

Sociological Research Online

Sociological Research Online is an internet-only academic journal providing peer-reviewed articles in the field of sociology. Articles in Sociological Research Online apply sociological analysis to a wide range of topics in order to demonstrate the value and relevance of sociology today. In particular, the journal encourages articles which take advantage of the new possibilities of multimedia. Articles are fully peer reviewed, as with conventional journals, and will also contain an on-line debating forum that will encourage the rapid exchange of arguments following publication. Some archived volumes are only available to subscribers. 


The Electronic Journal of Sociology (SocJourn) is similar to Sociological Research Online in that it is a peer-reviewed freely accessible online academic journal. The Electronic Journal of Sociology ranks articles based on tiers (fully reviewed original articles at tier 1, editorially-reviewed reviews and commentaries at tier 2, and editorially-reviewed other works, including original papers, at tier 3). The Journal publishes articles on a wide range of sociology topics including gender, race, nationality, politics and economics affecting society. All archived volumes are freely accessible.

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