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Medical Laboratory Technology: Internet resources

Resources for those in the Mercer County Community College Medical Laboratory Technology program program

Internet resources


National Library of Medicine (NLM):
Free online training resources

  • Toxicology 101 on ToxTutor
     - Students can use this self-paced online tutorial to learn about the key concepts behind toxicology, such as dose, toxic effects, interactions, toxicity testing methods, risk assessment, and exposure standards. The online training includes videos and interactive knowledge checks.
  • Creating Community Health Maps
     - These six labs at the Community Health Maps blog can be downloaded and used to walk students through the process of creating community health maps, from field data collection to visualization of the map. Read about how community health mapping is used as an educational tool for students in the public health field at the Medical University of South Carolina.
  • Searching Drugs or Chemicals in PubMed
     - Students who need to find biomedical literature related to specific chemicals and drugs can use this interactive online tutorial to learn how to find the information they need on PubMed.
  • Help Me Understand Genetics
     - Use this online book to learn about fundamental topics related to human genetics, such as cells and DNA, mutations and health, how genes work, genetic testing, gene therapy, precision medicine, and more.


  • - A list of parasite image links from the American Society of Parasitologists


The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention