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Literature: Reference and Biography

We study literature to understand and appreciate literary works and to understand culture, society and the era in which literary works were written.

Books - Literary Criticism

Cambridge History of American Literature PS 88.C3 1996

Classical and Medieval Literary Criticism PN 88 C53

Contemporary Literary Criticism PN 96.C6

Encyclopedia of African American Writing PS 153. N5 E 49 2009

Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature PQ 7081 A1 E56 1997

Gay and Lesbian Literary Companion PN 56H 576 362 1994

Literature and its Times: Profiles of 300 Notable Literary Works and the Historical Events that Influenced Them PN 50L574. 1997

Modern Black Writers PN 841,M58

Norton Anthology of Children's Literature PR 111./c52 B 65 2006

Oxford Companion to American Literature PS 21 H3 1995

Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature PR 19.095 2006

Books - Biography

American Writers PS 129 A55

British Writers Pr 85 B688

Dictionary of Literary Biography PN 21. D6